Stopping Time

This is the first anniversary of my dad’s death. I’ve decided to stop wearing my Dad’s watch. When he made 25 years at IBM, they gave him a lovely watch. He was so proud of that watch. It’s one of those self-winding ones – as long it’s moving, it keeps running. I couldn’t bear to have it stop running – so I’ve been wearing it ever since.

But, it’s a huge, clunky watch – obviously meant for a man’s wrist. It’s constantly hitting things and I’m afraid of scratching it up too much. Plus, the band pops open fairly easily (I asked a jeweler, he said that’s how it’s supposed to be). On a man’s hand, it might not slip off when popped open, but it does on mine – I’ve often caught it half-way down to the floor. It’s worth so much (emotionally and monetarily) that I don’t want anything bad to happen to it. It’s time to take it off…and let it stop ticking.

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