Stalked by a Spider

I was stalked by a spider. Seriously, this guy had it in for me!

I was sitting at my computer when this large, black, fuzzy mean looking spider appeared at the top of my monitor. We stared at each other for about half a minute. I was freaked. I started to roll my chair back. I was going to try and find something to swat the guy with when he leaps from the monitor right at me! He bounced off my chest and landed on my lap. I scream and stand up causing my chair to scoot back and roll over my cat’s (Sasha) tail. She howls and runs from the room. I can’t find the spider. Anywhere. I decide to follow Sasha.

Twenty minutes later I come back in. No spider in sight. Okay. I sit down and start typing again. A few minutes later, I look to my left…the spider is now on the antenna of the TV that’s on the shelf next to the monitor. The antenna is pointed at my head (I seem to be a conductor for better TV reception – go figure) and the spider is rapidly moving towards me.

It took me awhile, but I was able to track him down and moosh him. You’d think he’d try and run away after each moosh attempt, but no – he charged. Was he not happy with the accommodations? Did I somehow interrupt his happy life by typing on my computer? Should I expect the appearance of more and more larger spiders followed by William Shatner?

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