Brain Dead

I feel like my brain is slowly becoming detached from my body. You know how in action movies there’s always the scene of the hero dangling via a rope over some sort of pit of doom? (Perhaps filled with crocodiles or just never ending blackness.) And the rope starts to unfray and little bits of it snap off? That’s what seems to be happening to my brain – the synapses that hold it to my body are snapping like crazy. (And yes, I know synapses don’t “hold my brain to my body” – just bear with me!) I can no longer think clearly and forget speaking in full sentences. I’ve never exactly been verbally gifted, but just trying to say, “I need a converter plug that will allow me to put a small headphone plug into a mini-plug slot” to the guy at Radio Shack led to babbling like I haven’t heard in ages. “I have a…I need a…I have this plug? And I need a smaller…you know, headphones? and a mini-recorder?” Sheesh.

And just forget concentrating on anything but staring out into space for more than 5 or 10 minutes straight. ‘Cause that ain’t going to happen.

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