Kitten Love

Since having to put Miri down, I’ve been debating about whether or not to get a new cat. And then debating about whether to get an adult cat or a kitten. I like the idea about getting an adult cat from the shelter since they are so often left behind. But, I also feel like you bond better with a pet when you’ve had them since kitten-hood. Older cats are easier to care for…was I up for the energy a kitten would bring into my house?

Right now, I have Freya – I adopted her when she was five – and it’s been rough going. She’s a very sweet cat, but she’s very, very (did I mention very?) needy. She came from a mulit-cat household and her neediness has increased ten-fold since Miri died. I kept wondering if a companion cat would make her happier and more relaxed. If so, a kitten would probably be better because Freya wouldn’t feel so threatened. I started trolling all the local shelter sites. There were so many adorable little babies and beautiful adult cats, but none really said, “you must adopt me!” Well, until last night.

I was looking through the available cats at the local Humane Society. There was an adorable short-haired Blue little boy cat with the unfortunate name of Borneo. I’ve never owned a little boy cat, I was always worried about spraying. But this face… So, I went down to the Humane Society at lunch.

I got there at five ’til noon. I didn’t realize they didn’t open until noon. So, I stand around outside with some other hopeful adopters. When the doors open up, I follow the other people inside. Borneo was in cage (glass on the side facing me) right across from the door. He’d been playing with a ball while everyone else walked in, but as I walked in, he looked right up at me. I walked up to the glass and he put his nose against the glass. Awww! I filled out my papers and asked to visit with him.

We played for about a half hour. He didn’t mind being held, but he wasn’t too cuddly and would squirm after a bit. That felt about right – last thing I need is two needy, clingy cats. He was alert, loved chasing a piece of string around and had a great dramatic pounce when he felt he’d conquered the evil string! Oh geez. I’m in love.

So, next Friday, I’ll bring him home. He hadn’t been neutered yet and couldn’t be neutered until next week. I wanted to take him home on a Friday so I could have the weekend to be there while he gets acclimated to his new environment, new companion (Freya) and new mommy. So, wish me luck! It’s been 14 years since I had a kitten to deal with! And what am I going to name him???

Oh – and just look at this face, like you could have said no?
New Baby

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