Expanding Pants

I bought some pants online and when they arrived this last weekend I was very excited that they fit. It’s hard to find pants that fit me right (unless they have elastic waists – and I dislike those). Usually if they are large enough for the thighs and butt, they are way too large in the waist. Way too large. So, when these fit and looked nice I was very happy. They were mainly cotton with a little spandex. I would have preferred 100% cotton, but who cares? They fit! Not too tight, a little loose, but they are mainly cotton, right? The dryer should take care of that. I washed and dried them. They were indeed a bit tighter, so I wore them to work yesterday. Now, I knew the spandex made them “stretch” pants, but I didn’t know that meant they would be constantly expanding all day. By lunch, they were very loose and were falling down all the time. And things went downhill, so to speak, from there. At least it was one day I was grateful for my big ass – it kept the pants from falling all the way off.

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