Day of Goo and Meetings

I started the day off running late and in a daze and I’m not sure I ever fully recovered. First, there was some annoying news at work. This was followed by a very long meeting about our site redesign. At least it was across town so we go to drive around in the lovely weather for a bit. During the meeting, I was asked for my business card. I wasn’t sure if I had one or not, but I started digging around in my bag only to encounter some sticky goo. It was a rather disconcerting discovery. I tell the meeting people, “No cards” and sit there with my sticky hands hoping I won’t have to shake hands on the way out.

This was followed by lunch and then another long meeting. I didn’t get to really investigate the purse goo until around 4pm. As it turns out, a tube of lip gloss (which I rarely wear but feel obliged to carry around all the time) had broken and the gooey, sticky fluid had oozed all over everything in my bag. Everything includes: my cell phone, my pager, my iPod, my camera and, well…everything. Even after much cleaning, things still feel sticky and nasty.

And now, the interesting links for today!
The non-typographer’s guide to practical typeface selection – I have so freaking much to learn about typography.

Startling Scientists, Plant Fixes Its Flawed Gene – very interesting.

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