Hail Storm

We had a powerful hail storm tonight. First, it was noisy! Perhaps the new metal roof on my car port helped, but it was darn noisy. It sounded it the hail was coming right into the house. Second, there was a lot – my yard ended up looking very, very icy. Here are a few pictures. It was dark and I didn’t go past the porch, so they aren’t that great, but I wanted to try and capture the moment.

The back porch:

The front porch:

My “welcome” mat:

Just off the front porch:

(You can click on the small images to see a full-sized version.)

One observation on “Hail Storm
  1. Cody

    Ooh, I hadn’t seen your new site layout. Tres cool!

    Neat pics too. I got out my teeny 2MP camera and snapped a few shots, but I bet when I upload the pics to my computer I’ll end up just throwing them out. We’ll see.


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