I got my appointment for Lasik surgery yesterday. I’m both nervous and excited about this. I’m so nearsighted (worse than 20/800) that I don’t even like walking around my own home without my contacts. I’m completely dependent on them to get around in the world. My surgery will be the 28th. Just the idea of using the words “surgery” and “eyes” in the same sentence kind of squicks me out. Plus, I can’t wear my contacts for a week prior to surgery and my glasses give me motion sickness. I’m worried about driving with them! But, I hope that, in the long run, it will all be worthwhile. Being able to see when I first wake up in the morning? Being able to see while I’m in the shower? Not having to deal with contacts and allergies? Yeah – sounds good.

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  1. miri

    Well, since I’m old, I’m probably going to need reading glasses soon. But that’s better than being blind all the time. I can deal with that…I think.


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