Uppity Crumpler

My 5 Million Dollar Home is going to be a star. Well, a local star. Well, might be in a photo on a credit union website. It’s convinced, however, that it’s going to be a star and has gotten all kinds of attitude. It threatened to go out without its panties on.

You see, we were doing a photo shoot for my employer’s website yesterday. I went along to watch and see how a real photo shoot works. The theme was supposed to be “hip young urban guy who’s just starting to work his way up the corporate ladder on his way to work.” So, we had a guy sitting on a Vespa in downtown Austin. They started shooting and then the photographer asked where the
guy’s messenger bag was. The art director had forgotten to bring one for a prop. They spot the Crumpler and the rest is history.

Now I have to figure out how to deal with an uppity Crumpler.

3 observations on “Uppity Crumpler
  1. Lara

    Yay Crumpler! I got a lime-green Moderate Embarrassment earlier this year when I got my new Powerbook (work paid for the computer, I paid for the bag).

    Thankfully it hasn’t gotten uppity yet, but it may be only a matter of time given the way my boyfriend keeps coveting it. :)


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