11/17: Austin Volkssport walk

Walk #2 of the day was a 10k with the Austin Volkssport group: The Colorado River Walkers. The walk was in the lovely Mary Moore Searight Park in South Austin – a place I’d never been. It turned out to be much sunnier and less shady than I though. I forgot my hat and ended up with a bit of a sunburn. I also ended up miss-reading the instructions and getting quite lost in the park. I did some parts of the trail more than once and never made it to the 2nd check-point – oops. Since I did go at least 10k, they let me stamp my book any way. Whew!


Distance 6.21 mi
Duration 2h:10m:25s
Avg. Speed 2.9 mph
Min. Altitude 529 ft
Max. Altitude 668 ft
Total Ascent 329 ft
Total Descent 226 ft

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