11/20: Morning walk

Up to take a walk before work? How my life has changed. It feels so good to get up and start my day this way, though.



Distance 4.16 mi
Duration 1h:06m:14s
Avg. Speed 3.8 mph
Min. Altitude 658 ft
Max. Altitude 743 ft
Total Ascent 66 ft
Total Descent 35 ft


The Reivers: Dragon Flies
Television: Prove It
Simon & Garfunkel: The Sound Of Silence
R.E.M.: Beachball
Guadalcanal Diary: Always Saturday
The Police: Invisible Sun
The Beatles: Can’t Buy Me Love
Crowded House: Kill EyeM
U2: A Day Without Me
Simon & Garfunkel: Mrs. Robinson
Michelle Shocked: Untitled
The Who: Who Are You
U2: Hawkmoon 269
Robbie Robertson: Somewhere Down The Crazy River
The Beatles: Polythene Pam
Pearl Jam: Black
Paul Westerberg: Runaway Wind

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