1/12: One day, two walks


AustinFit Walk

This morning started with a shortened AustinFit Group walk. A lot of the group are walking a half marathon tomorrow, so needed to keep today short. Plus, some of us were going from the group walk down to San Marcos for a Volkssport walk, so we needed to keep it short too. It was supposed to be a 3 mile walk, but my GPS said it wasn’t even 2.5. Quick and easy despite the spitting rain!

Route and info:

HRM info:
Effect: Fitness and max performance improving
Calories: 226
Percent of calories fat: 25%
Average heart rate: 130
Max heart rate: 145

San Marcos Volkssport Walk

Then it was a quick drive down to San Marcos (I stopped in Buda to change clothes). The walk started at Aquarena Center. This used to be a cheesy tourist park when I was growing up, but now it’s a nature and research center (with a few touristy things to help with funding). The weather continued to be sucky (no rain, but the air felt like it was 100% water) which was a shame because the Spring Lake Natural Area is quite nice on a sunny, clear day. My walking buddy, Edwin, and I got a bit confused and ended up doing the second part of the walk first, but I liked that better. It put us in town and on the streets before traffic got to bad and it meant we ended up in the nature area – a much more peaceful end to the walk than all the construction filled streets! We were just walking, but I somehow came home with mud caked on the inside of my legs from my feet all the way up to my knees. Talent!

Route and info:

HRM info:
Effect: Fat burn improving
Calories: 339
Percent of calories fat: 46%
Average heart rate: 101
Max heart rate: 122

We are just going to skip over what I had to eat this afternoon. Let’s just say it wasn’t good – for me or my “no binge” goal.

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