1/6: Lampasas Volkssport walk

Sulphur Springs, Lampasas, TX

Sulphur Springs, Lampasas, TX

After the horrible AustinFit walk I had the day before, I decided I needed to get out and about in a relaxed and non goal-oriented way. Plus, I wanted to drive…someplace…fast. I love driving on the highway with music blaring while singing along at the top of my lungs. The weather was perfect, so off I went to the AVA website to find a nearby, but not too nearby walk. I looked through my options and picked Lampasas – a reasonably short drive on a highway that’s not often overly crowded. Turns out, it was the perfect decision.

The drive was just what I needed to pick up my mood. The lady in the hotel lobby where the walk box was stored was super nice. And, lastly, the walk was a good one. It was a bit odd how you keep winding around a few of the same streets, but it is a small town. There was some nice variety (big old houses, run down houses, rusty things – a favorite of mine – outdoor sculpture, springs and a cemetery) and I did mention the perfect weather, right? Next time you are in Lampasas, try the Sulfur Creek/Downtown AVA walk.

Route & Info via Endomondo:
(Including a few wrong turns…I think my dyslexia is getting worse!)

Info from HRM:
Effect: Fat burn improving
Intensity: almost all of the time in zone 1
Calories: 347
Percent fat calories: 48%
Average heart rate: 97
Maximum heart rate: 122

Photos can be found here or watch the slide show:

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